Post Graduate Certificate programs

in Association with Ramaiah Institute of Management & Sciences


What our students have to say

ANKIT RAI, works at Google

"Business analytics as we had already learnt in training classes, it’s good for companies as they do not have to waste time to teach these things so the chances of getting through is more. What all we were thought are helping us now like the spreadsheet, analytical calculations, data interpretations etc., A big thanks to Edu pinnacle and best wishes."

Biswajith Dutta, works at PWC

"Excel and tableau are the things that are helping me here, so it was good that we had been trained and hence it has made our work easier".


"When we were learning we thought it would help us normally in the office works, but later once when we got into office, we really did understand the importance of all the things Edu Pinnacle taught us. They are much important in these days for every student to have knowledge in these fields"

Kiran, works at OLA

"Business Analytics training by Edupinnacle was just awesome it helps me analyse better at work everyday"